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Wir möchten einige unserer wichtigsten Projekte aus dem Bereich Automotive hervorheben:


Guilera automotive products

Blinkgeber kompatibel mit 21Watt Leuchtmittel sowie LED Technologie

Der Blinkgeber "ISO LED kompatibel" 21W Leuchtmittel und/oder LED Technologie nach ISO Standard einzusetzen.



Guilera automotive products

Central Power Distribution and solid state control

Evolution of the relay and fuse boxes to solid state solutions providing greater integration, reliability and (speed of action) protection against overload and short circuit.



Guilera automotive products

Motorkontroller für Elektrofahrzeuge 36V, 48V, 72V DC

Drivers of electric motors for e-bikes and electric mopeds and motorcycles. Designed for BLDC motors with three Hall encoders.




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