Guilera automotive

Product development

R + D + I

Research (study and adaptation of advanced technologies), development (from initial idea to final product) and innovation (main commitment in all our projects) are part of Guilera culture since ever.

Guilera engineering department has highly skilled staff who bring his knowledge and experience to constant innovation in product development, from the initial design until product industrialization.



Guilera Ingenieria de desarrollo

The target of the engineering development team is to develop new electronic solutions to provide more competitive and technologically advanced products to our customers.



Guilera Prototipos

Guilera performs the dimensional and functional prototyping for design evaluation. It includes both electronic parts as well as 3D modeling for enclosures.



Guilera ensayos

Development validation is done at our facilities and includes electrical, environmental and endurance tests.



Grupo Guilera





ISO certificate


ROHS compliant


ISO 9001 . ISO 14001

Club Cambra Business Membership

Business Member Barcelona Chamber of Commerce