Guilera eficiencia energética

Energy efficiency

Guilera offers our customers a complete personalized and expert advice on energy saving and efficiency, analyzing customer needs and proposing solutions in the different areas.

  • - Energy saving
  • - Improvement of production processes
  • - Project invertment in efficiency systems
  • - Negotiation of electricity fares inthe market
  • - Monitoring consumption and alerts


Committed to a sustainable future, honesty and the benefit of our customers.

Studies and projects

  • We cover all sectors of the industry to perform studies and personalized projects:

    • - Integrated management of electrical consumption.
    • - Modeling the ideal consumption curve.
    • - Monitoring ONLINE (24h) with specialized software.
    • - Consumption company profile settings.
    • - Unwanted consumption detection.
    • - Sophisticated and customizable alarms.
    • - Reactive Power Control and Peak demand.
    • - Proposals for energy improvements and follow up.
    • - Draft amendments and monitoring.
    • - Processing of any subsidies or grants.
    • - Overall management of power purchasing.


Guilera eficiencia energética

Guilera eficiencia energética



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